Our vision.

Tyler is 15. He is part of the Circular Economy Australia Education Experience.

In 10 years time Tyler will make a decision in his job as a Building Facilities manager that applies Circular Economy principles.

We work with Australian schools, businesses and community groups to raise the awareness and adoption of Circular Economy principles through our online education experience.

Why a Circular Economy?

The world has finite resources. Metals, coal, gas, and oil are not limitless, unlike our appetite for them.

Our current model of dig, process, use, and chuck is by definition unsustainable. Something must change!

A Circular Economy is an alternative model that anticipates and designs for biological and technical 'nutrients' to be continuously re-used at the same quality, dramatically reducing our dependency on sourcing new materials.

Now we need to educate the next generation to understand, value and implement a Circular Economy.

That's where NAME come in...

Re-thinking progress
The Circular Economy

This video from our friends at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK says it all (in less than 4 mins!)

How do we work?

Our model is simple.

Provide the framework for Circular Economy champions and practitioners to inspire and nurture the next generation.

This is how we do it...

1. Circular Economy champions go into schools

We arrange for passionate, informed, and engaging people like Tim Silverwood from the Take 3 project to speak to school assemblies and to run workshops with students about environmental challenges and the Circular Economy model.

2. Students follow our online CE experience

The inspired students are encouraged to continue exploring and applying Circular Economy principles in their own time through a series of fun, innovative, social, hands-on activities that are tailored to their situation.

3. Reward participation and progress

Participating students are rewarded with prizes and experiences related to their online experience at Circular Economy principles.

Who are we working with?

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We're sending our inspiring Circular Economy champions into schools to offer the experience to 14-16 year olds. We're starting local (Sydney and NSW) with big plans to expand Australia-wide.

Our team works closely with schools to customise the online experience for each school.

And everything is FREE!

Contact us about coming to your school

Calling Circular Economy champions and practitioners

  • does your shop / factory / cafe / office practice Circular Economy principles?
  • or are you a sustainability campaigner advocating a Circular Economy model?
  • perhaps you are studying or researching in this field?
  • We want you to become a partner so we can help share your experience and inspire the next generation.

    Contact us for an informal chat

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We're an eclectic bunch of volunteers from different backgrounds and all corners of the world, united by a passion for protecting the environment through education and action.

Candice Landsman

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Candice Landsman

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Candice Landsman

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Candice Landsman

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